5 Tips for Staying Safe from Burglary

The Holidays are right around the corner, and many of us are looking forward to (or maybe dreading) visiting our families. If you’re heading home or elsewhere over Thanksgiving, you might have so much on your mind that you don’t think about burglaries being a threat. No plan is 100% preventative, but here are some quick, easy to remember tips to help keep your home safe.

  1. Keep Your Home and Car Doors Lockedstainless_steel_room_door_handle_lock_keys_oct-2011_hk_ip4

Many people are burglarized simply because they forget to lock their doors when they leave home. Epifanio Rodriguez of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department says that when you forget to lock your doors, it makes you a much easier target for criminals. Don’t make a burglar’s job easy: remember to keep your home locked up.

2. Let Your Neighbors Know When You Leave640px-apartment_complex_usa_2

Get to know your neighbors and have them keep an eye on your place when you leave. Let them know your schedule and when you’ll be out of town. If you let them know when you won’t be at home, they’ll know to be on the lookout for people who might try to break in.

3. Let Police Know If You See Anything Suspiciouscar-burglar

It seems like stating the obvious, but police can’t stop a crime if they don’t know about it. If you notice anyone acting strangely or think that someone might be breaking into a home, call the police. It might be a false alarm, but you might save someone from burglary. The more aware you are, the more aware police are, the safer they can keep you.

4. Leave Lights On In Your Homehome-lights

Leave your lights on in your home when you leave. If you can manage the increase in your power bill, it will keep your home safer. Keeping the lights on gives the illusion that someone is still home. It’s easier for a criminal to break into a home that is empty, so if they think yours isn’t, your home may not be the target.

5. Take High-Value Items With You When You Leavegold-jewellery-jewel-henry-designs-terabass

If you’re particularly worried about someone stealing from your home, it is probably best to take your most valued things with you. Computers, televisions, and jewelry are items that are commonly stolen. If you can’t take them with you to keep them safe, try to conceal them as well as you can.

With these tips, you can give yourself some peace of mind to just focus on that holiday trip you’ve been looking forward to.

By: Cameron Crosby

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