5 Ways to Protect Your Bike or Scooter

By Zack Sims

Scooter theft is on the rise according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. They recommend that you owners lock their scooters and bikes to an immovable objet like a fence or lamppost. Along with always locking them to an immovable object, here are some other tips.

  1. Get a proper lock – A U-Lock provides for the best protection, because it can’t be cut like a cable or chain. Make sure to research the lock before purchasing it to see if it has good reviews. Buy the proper-sized lock, a loose lock will make your bike or scooter a target for thieves.
    A U-lock is thicker and isn't susceptible to being cut or broken.
    A U-lock is thicker and isn’t susceptible to being cut or broken.
  2. Lock near others – People will come and go from this spot more frequently, making it harder for someone to steal a bike or scooter. Also, it is likely that someone here won’t have locked their bike or scooter which means they will be a target, not you.
    Parking your scooter near others is one great way to keep it safe.
    Parking your scooter near others is one great way to keep it safe.
  3. Lock it even at home – According to the National Bike Registry most bikes are stolen at home. Make sure to take precaution at your home even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood.
  4. Don’t lock to objects that break easy – Many people think their bike or scooter is safe if they lock it to a small tree, chain link fence or wooden post. These objects can be easily cut or broken, making the lock ineffective.
    As you can see, chain link fences are thin and could easily be cut.
    As you can see, chain link fences are thin and can easily be cut.
  5. Register – Most bikes or scooters that are stolen will eventually be sold somewhere. Register it in a national database that way it can be easily traced back to you.

For more ways to keep your bike or scooter safe, check out the National Bike Registry’s page.


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  • nick russell

    fantastic article thanks for sharing with us

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  • sara assem

    it is a very important article about how to save our bike
    i will lock my bike to a heavy fence to prevent thieves stole it
    when i was at my work

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  • Sean Connolly

    Great article.

    Id also like to add that we’re seeing an increasing number of thefts due to organised crime. Particularly with thieves utilizing simple duct tape wrapped around a ‘loop’ shaped bike stand/park.

    Ive seen this twice now where the thief will usually during the cover of night, use a hacksaw to cut through the steel bar loop. The thief will then simply wrap duct tape around the cut. Many unsuspecting people will pay no attention to this and lock their bike to the bar anyway.

    The thief returns, removes the duct tape and can then free the lock from the bar and steal the bike.
    Something to be aware of.


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