Online Anchor Blake Ansley speaks with the artist behind Jittery Joe’s coffee-inspired art exhibit, Rene Shoemaker.

Shoemaker is an Athens-based artist who has traveled everywhere from France to Italy to capture the character of coffee houses around the world.

She says she was excited to bring the project full circle by showing the exhibit here in Athens. “Well I was lucky enough to travel this Summer for three months in France, Germany, and Spain and I wanted to bring back that experience back home with me. So as I traveled around I took pictures–photographs and did drawings of the tables like we have right here and the drinks we’re having–for me drinking coffee is about having some time alone or sharing some time with others, or just being in a new place or an old place. If you look at the artwork you see that a lot of it is from travels.”

Shoemaker explained that the project was a combination of her two biggest passions.

“I enjoy traveling and I really enjoy drinking coffee so I wanted to share that.”

You can see the exhibit at the Jittery Joe’s Downtown until November 30th. More new coffee-themed work will be on exhibit at Hendershot’s at their new location in the Bottleworks during the month of December.

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