Photo of a plane flying over Sanford Stadium (Credit: Lauren Herbert)

At Saturday’s homecoming game, you may have noticed a plane flying around with the words: “No School Takeover! Vote No to Amendment One!”

Amendment One is NOT the same thing as the First Amendment that prohibits Congress from preventing anyone’s rights to freedom. The Amendment that this plane is referring to is a proposal by Governor Nathan Deal that will authorize the state to form an Opportunity School District to govern, or take over, certain secondary and elementary schools considered to be “chronically failing.”

Here’s a look at all the information we have gathered that can further your understanding of the amendment:

  1.  Members of the Keep Georgia Schools Local coalition thinks that the wording of the proposal has the potential to mislead GA voters.
  2. The proposal regards schools that are consistently “failing.” Only one Athens-Clarke County school fits the category.
  3. Find out how much you know about Amendment One, or Opportunity School District by taking this quiz. One public education advocate says the proposal will NOT help the learning and teaching in classrooms.
  4.  Even though Jackson County is not in danger of being taken over, the school system superintendent is against the amendment.
  5. An Athens-Clarke County local representative is also against the amendment because he believes that local tax dollars will be used ineffectively.

By: Damisi Fawole (@DamisiFawole)

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