By: Anna Clark

A wreck Thursday morning on Highway 316 adds to the long and growing list of accidents on the dangerous highway. Around 8 a.m., a car turned left from Harry McCarty Road onto 316 and was hit by a car driving eastbound on the highway. Both drivers in the wreck this morning had only minor injuries.

Barrow County Traffic Sgt. David Witte said Harry McCarty Road is the most dangerous intersection in the county, with a couple of wrecks a day at this location. So far there have been no fatalities this year. 

Witte said he and his wife avoid this intersection as much as possible. The number of deaths across the state of Georgia is up 17 percent from last year, with most of the fatalities occurring on state routes such as Highway 316. In 2015, 12 people have died in Barrow County wrecks, compared to three deaths in 2014.

“I do have a traffic unit that’s out there heavily enforcing the speed limit on 316,” Witte said.  “That helps out slowing it down. My traffic guys don’t even pull them over unless they’re doing at least 15 above the speed limit.”

Witte said his deputies respond to more wrecks on backroads, but the more deadly accidents are on the highways, such as 316.

House Bill 170, passed in July, funds a $1 billion project to make the Highway 316 safer by 2025. Until then, officers recommend drivers be patient and take extra caution while driving.

“Instead of just checking your left and right once,” Witte said, “when you’re sitting at red lights, and the light turns green, have patience. Don’t immediately go through the intersection. Check to make sure the cars are stopping, because that’s where a lot of the problems are coming from.”

Grady Newsource will have a more comprehensive looks at accidents and fatalities on Highway 316 next week.


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