Athens Bar Responds to Alleged Racial Slur on Drink Menu

The co-owner of an Athens bar says he is investigating an image shared on Twitter Monday night that depicts a racial slur on a drink menu. The response on both Twitter and the bar’s Facebook page have been highly critical of the menu in question and the bar itself. The picture does not show the bar’s name on the menu.

Daniel Simmons, co-owner of General Beauregards in downtown Athens, released this statement to Grady Newsource when asked to comment on the image in question:

   “We had absolutely no knowledge of, and would never condone, this image that is claimed to be our drink menu.  However, to be absolutely clear, we do not provide our customers with a drink menu with the exception of limited specials offered on chalk boards displayed openly by the front door and behind the bar. The circled drink included in the picture is not something we have ever served to customers or advertised and would never be approved by ownership. We are investigating the origin of this photograph, and will take appropriate action to resolve this matter as needed.”

A copy of the image in question is shown below:



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