Athens Hosts First-Ever Free Networking Event

Free coffee, free breakfast, and free swag is enough to bring 300 Athens community members together at 8 o-clock on a Monday morning. But the free stuff is only a small part of the bigger goal: to get people in Athens to meet each another and gain connections for their professional futures in the city.

My Athens, Creature Comforts Brewing Co. and Athens Church joined together to organize this event.

This event combines free breakfast, coffee, and a keynote speaker with the chance to network with local professionals in order to promote small businesses and expand the city of Athens.

Rachel Bailey, executive director for My Athens, says that this kind of event is especially important in Athens so that young professionals know that there is more to offer in this city after college.


“We lose a lot of… talent to other cities partly because people have a hard time finding their place here after they… age out of the college demographic,” she commented.

Go Getters” is the first of its kind in Athens, GA. It was inspired by “Creative Mornings,” an initiative that started in New York in 2008 and has spread to cities around the world.

Organizers hope to continue this event every quarter, with each one bringing a different perspective on what good community stewardship means.


By: Damisi Fawole

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