Attention Local Actors and Filmmakers!

Reporter: Kendall Lane

Starland Studios plans on doing a casting call within the next week or two to promote the studio, so those interested in acting can start his or her career sooner than later.

Accept the invitation, and the first thing to dazzle you is a huge chandelier.

As the marketing director for Starland Studios, Del Mills, and his assistant director, Speedy Arnold, hopes it will dazzle the likes of film directors into coming to Athens to shoot movies.

“Athens is too cool of a place not to have a movie studio,” Arnold said.

It’s not just Athens that’s cool, it’s the entire the state, according to Arnold. “You’ve got everything in Georgia. We’ve got…Atlanta’s a big city. You want to film in the city, its the capitol of the south. You want mountains, we’ve got mountains. You want an ocean, we’ve got an ocean. If you want rural mountains, we’ve got that.”

And Starland seems to have everything else.

“There’s a whole area for animated art to do Pixar-style, animated production,” Mills said as he gave a tour of Starland.

Mills also showed off the writer’s room, the directors room, a multi-thousand square foot sound studio and more.

The seven acre property is located in Bogart, GA off of Old Monroe Rd and Arnold says it is the perfect location.

Starland is hosting a casting call to shoot a promotion for it’s studio to advertise, so any actors who want to tap it’s resources can begin in the next few weeks.

More information can be found on their Facebook page.


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