Brenda Arrendale: Life of a Caring Bus Driver

Madison County, Ga- Meet Brenda Arrendale, a bus driver for Madison County and a retired special ed teacher. She has been driving her bus for 36 years, and she decided she still wanted to driver her bus even though she retired from teaching because she loves the kids that she drives so much.

She has had some of the special needs kids she taught on her bus before, and other drivers asked Arrendale if she was worried and she said no. That’s because she knew her needs and what she needed to do to help her.

Some of her kids that she drives everyday have bad home lives and they confide in her. She is strict on her bus, but she says it’s because she doesn’t want anything happening that could distract her driving.

No food only water on the bus because she had a kid choke on candy once. No very loud music because it’s distracting to her driving, and she wants to make sure all the kids have safe trips to and from school. She has had to pull over on the side of the road because a child was being disruptive, but she still loves her job.