Child Gun Safety: What To Know

There are more guns in the United States than there are people, the Congressional Research Service reports. Each day, approximately 9 children are involved in an accidental shooting, according to The Brady Center.

The latest incident in Georgia occurred yesterday in Paulding County.

Children finding unsecured guns is a problem nation wide. The Brady Center reports that 80% of unintentional firearm deaths of kids under age 15 occur in a home. If keeping a gun in your home is imperative, there are multiple ways to keep it safe.

Keep your gun unloaded when it is in the home. It is even advised to keep ammo in a separate location than your weapon.

Lock your gun in a safe with a code that only you know. The Brady Center also reports that most children ages 5-14 are aware of where your gun is kept in the home.

The Brady Campaign partnered up with popular primetime show Grey’s Anatomy to help spread the word with this somber PSA. Take a look.

Video Courtesy of The Brady Center & ABC


Please visit for more information on how to keep your home safe.




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