College Republicans Release Statement on Trump Endorsement

A popular student organization is backing off on its support of Donald Trump. This week, the Georgia Association of College Republicans revoked its endorsement of the republican nominee. I talked to students about the move some may call controversial

On Monday, the Georgia Association of College Republicans released a statement, saying their decision came after Trump’s recent remarks about women.

The group wrote, quote, “Donald trump, throughout his presidential campaign and beforehand, has made several comments and statements that have offended women, veterans, gold-star families, the disabled, political refugees, and relegious and ethnic minorities.”

Michael Duckett, a member of the University of Georgia College Republicans had this to say, “This move was a good way of keeping the party together and I think it will allow a lot more chapters to remain united rather than having diffrent colleges split off for different reasons, to back local candidates.”

I reached out to the Young Democrats of UGA to get their reaction to the news. They didn’t respond, but Janet Hill, a Democratic Party chair in Oglethorpe County, told me over the phone she agreed with the move.

“My initial thought when I heard that was ‘what took you so long’ I think that Donald trump has exhibited the same characteristics that have led to people un-endorsing him.”

The College Republicans are now planning to devote their efforts to republican candidates running for senate seats and the georgia assembly.

By: John Holcomb


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