Cycle Against Cancer

Athens,Ga–Having cancer and paying for the medical treatments can be financially difficult on a family. Tonight Reporter Wes Clark introduces one local organization that has found a way to help families cope.

Feet peddling, water guzzling, and lots of sweating. These people are not just cycling for a good workout, but to combat cancer. “This is such a great cause and I actually have several family members who have actually passed away and one right now that’s actually dealing with it,” said Patti Huberty. Valerie Fagan who was also a participant, said that she was riding for two family members who have cancer. “One of them is a five year survivor in cancer and in brain cancer and the other is somebody who started out in breast cancer and now has had a reoccurrence. The money raised will go to local cancer patients to help them pay for utilities, food, transportation, and medication. Now if you missed this years event, Executive Director Kimberly Liebowitz says that she plans to host thos event again next year. Were going to move it up a little bit earlier next year maybe January or February when its a little to cold to be outside”, said Liebowitz. Towards the end of the final cycling session, Huberty says she became emotional at times because of what this event represents. “There were actually moments where I got teary eyed and thinking about all the good that this is doing”, she said. She also added that she’ll be back next year to ride again.

If you would like to donate money or find out how you can participate in Cycling Against Cancer next year, visit their website at and follow the links.


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