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ATHENS, Ga.–UPDATE: The driver of a Jeep Wrangler that struck a cyclist on Thursday, October 27 at the corner of Baldwin Street and East Campus Road has been cited. Jacob Weber Joyner of Buford, Georgia was ticketed for failure to yield right of way turning left.

The victim, Michael Lukas Fiechtl, of Acworth, Georgia sustained multiple injuries, which included lacerations on his left elbow and wrist as well as injuries to his left hip and knee. Fiechtl also complained to the responding officer of dizziness and blurred vision. He was treated and released.

Fiechtl’s bicycle was also damaged in the accident. Athens Clarke County Police Officer Charles Worn had observed damage to the frame, front wheel, and handlebars.

There was no stop in the flow of traffic but the University of Georgia police did direct cars around the scene.

Witnesses Haleigh White and Sarina Conway say, “A jeep was turning left at the four way light and a biker was going straight and I guess the Jeep didn’t see the biker and just hit him. And I just saw the bike fly about seven feet in the air and over the thing. And thankfully a cop was actually right here waiting in line to go so he just pulled right out and helped him and the paramedics got here within like five minutes.”

The cyclist has not been identified at this time but he was taken off by EMS stretchers shortly after the incident happened.

By: McKenzie Lewis


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