Deaf Student Wants to Bring More Awareness to UGA

Luke Bundrum is a partially deaf student at The University of Georgia. The junior has had a Cochlear implant since he was 3, but still uses American Sign Language to communicate.

He said UGA does a good job of accommodating students, but he said the university is not always sure of how to help them in the ways they need.

They’re not always aware of deaf culture… they know there are deaf students here on campus but they don’t always know the best way to approach a deaf person or how to help them.. So they’re doing good; but they could be doing better.”

UGA provides interpreters in classes and accommodates the requests students have, but Bundrum said he knows how they can help more.

“They could have interpreters at different events… Homecoming and events at Tate or around campus, maybe football games? Or maybe we could set up an event at Tate or somewhere where we could talk about deaf culture, have some activities people can learn about deaf culture; be more aware,” Bundrum said.

Bundrum has been an advocate for adding a deaf studies minor to UGA’s curriculum, and although he will not be able to graduate with it, he hopes that freshmen and sophomores will be able to.

Bundrum is a bus driver and student, but the advocate did something else in his time at UGA. He brought back ASL Dawgs, an organization that had not existed for years before he helped it grow.

He is now the president.

We teach sign language based on social interaction and activities, not like a classroom instruction. We had it a few years ago but it didn’t last long… this year is the first year it started back up, I’m the president now. It’s been pretty good so far and people can be involved and learn ASL deaf culture.”

By Kristen Rary


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