Downtown Academy Library Improvements

Local Private School, Downtown Academy, receives about $3,000 in grant money to fund library upgrades.

Athens, GA — First Book UGA and ASHA of Education UGA will upgrade and organize Downtown Academy’s library for inter-city school.

Downtown Academy’s parent, Downtown Ministries Inc., provides some of the funding for Downtown Academy from its donations as a 501(c)(3) organization.The private school desired a more organized and child-friendly library, but 70% of the budget pays for staff, 20% for curriculum, and the last 10% for supplies.

The school managed with the library system they had in place until funds became available to improve.

In 3 years, the library grew to around 3,000 books from donations with no central organization system. A volunteer librarian took pictures of students with books, but could not keep up with the students needs and all of the books.

First Book UGA and ASHA of Education will fund organizing the library, which includes– a scanner, computer, computer software, printer, and new book shelves. Both organizations will help build the new library based on an agreement with Head of School, Patrick Ennis within this next month. They hope to have the new library up and running by late February of this year.

Co-founder of First Book UGA, Alexandra Case says that this will provide Downtown Academy with a start and as the school continues to grow, this new, functional library will grow with it.

Local staff and faculty of Downtown Academy are excited about what this library will mean not only to the students, but for the growth of school. As Case states, “what is a school without its library.”

By: Reporter Jazmine Calhoun


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