Ex-Presidential Candidate Visits UGA

Athens, GA – The 2016 Presidential race is gearing up and the list of candidates who will be running keeps getting longer. Ex-Presidential candidate Herman Cain visited UGA last night to speak to a group of 300 students.

Though Cain says he will not be running for President again, he does have some sage wisdom to offer to nominee hopefuls.

First, Cain encouraged candidates to think outside of the box. “They need to go bold with their ideas and their solutions,” Cain said.

Cain also warned potential candidates to be concerned with how they are perceived. Perception is an especially important topic to Cain. He backed out of the 2012 race after scandals surfaced about his personal life even though he denied them.

This brings Cain to his second piece of advice. “Sharpen your speaking skills and your communication skills because they are going to be tested more than you ever expected,” Cain said.

He also urged politicians to avoid bickering within the party. “When somebody is attacking somebody else within the party, discount them,” he said.

Instead, Cain said that candidates should be focused on more important issues. “Candidates need to be talking about what they would do to boost this economy to get it growing at the rate that it has the capacity to grow,” he continued.

He also talked about the importance of getting students informed and inspired.

Anchor Mallory Blount will have more of the Grady Newsource exclusive interview tonight at five.


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