Fires Threat to Northeast Georgia

The Georgia Forestry Commission was called to the start of a wildfire in Commerce, Ga today around 2 p.m. According to the Fire Danger Forecast, Clarke County and the surrounding counties are between a 3.5 and 4 rating, meaning high to extreme danger of fire.

Payton Turner said he and his crew were very “fortunate” with the fire today because it was containable. They have been fighting fires at a higher rate than usual.

“In the last four weeks we have been fighting one to two fires a day, almost seven days a week. With the conditions we are in, high fire danger, ”

Tips to Prevent Wildfires

STOP: Don’t light. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-10-49-35-am

Don’t burn unless you first check the fire danger forecast. The Georgia Forestry Commission is not granting any burn permits to Northeast Georgia and they don’t suggest burning with conditions at or above 4 on the fire rating system.

Burning can be tempting, especially with the leaves falling, but Turner says the community is needed to
help stop fires.

“We know people want to burn, they have their little piles. These things just need to wait.”

Use Caution

Fires start much easier in certain conditions, so being educated is important. According to the Insurance Information Institute, humans cause 90% of all wildfires. This is a statistic that has potential to drop. Smokey Bear offers some tips such as never leaving your fire unattended and checking
it on a regular basis.

By Jessi Young


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