Florida Shooting Video Dominates Social Media

A Snapchat video from inside the Parkland, Florida school shooting is all over social media platforms, such as twitter. Many of its postings have no graphic warning label on it at all.

In the video you can see students lying on the ground that were struck by gunshots, as well as hear petrified students screaming at the sound of gunfire.

Many news outlets have also been airing this video with a graphic warning.

People have turned to twitter to vent about their outrage that such an emotional and raw video is being passed around.

This strikes up the question about what is considered ethical in our world where people practically record everything?

One twitter user issued a warning to others about the video by expressing how difficult it was to watch for him.



This week’s Grady Newsource producer, Natalie Wickstrom, said she had difficulty sleeping last night after seeing the raw content of the video herself.


Twitter user Michael Rudloff tweeted frustration that the BBC News aired the video. In his tweet he didn’t understand the need to use the actual video.



Twitter user @AlyssaP_500 tweeted that she could not share the video because it was just too sad.



Students could easily have seen the graphic video just from logging onto social media. It’s extremely difficult to watch, but University of Georgia journalism professor, Mark Johnson, says that’s the reason he believes the video needs to be shown.

“If you’re going to use it you have to be able to explain why you’re showing it,” says Mark Johnson. “I think when it comes to a school shooting like this we have come to a point within journalism organizations that not showing it is hiding the impact of the shooting situations.”


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