Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday

The worst of the Winter Storm Pax will hit Athens tomorrow, and the Winter Storm Warning for Athens-Clarke County has been extended.

Tonight we are expecting a mix of snow, sleet, and rain all night, with a low of 29 degrees.  However, the National Weather Service predicts that less than an inch of wintry mix will accumulate.

The majority of the storm will hit Wednesday.  A mix of freezing rain, snow, and sleet will likely fall all day, possibly leading to .4-.6 inches of ice accumulating.  The high will be near 28 degrees and we could experience up to 30 mile-per-hour winds.

There is a strong chance of snow early Thursday morning, but should turn to rain near the afternoon.  With a high of 36 degrees, partly sunny skies should break through the clouds in the late afternoon.

In addition, the official Winter Storm Warning has been extended one hour, to 1pm Eastern Time on Thursday, by the National Weather Service.

We will update you on any changes in the forecast as they come.

By:  Jake Leber


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