Tech companies are competing in a different market Friday, October 21. It’s the chili market. Four Athens is hosting the Classic City Chili Cook-Off at Bar South to help local entrepreneurs grow and advance their businesses.

Tamara Neff, the Community Outreach Manager at Four Athens, says the organization will help these entrepreneurs while finding and keeping local talent in Athens.

“Athens is a great place to live,” Neff says, “And we are committed to creating real job opportunities and economic growth for this area, so that talented people…can have an opportunity to work in a start up company and make a good living.”

Neff said the event last year drew almost 100 people with little to no advertisement. This year, with more competitors and word-of-mouth creating buzz for the event, the organization expects even more hungry amateur chili judges to make their way to the bar Friday afternoon.

Consumers will have their choice of 5 samples for $5, or an unlimited bowl of chili for $10.

The event kicks off at 11:30am and will run until 1:30pm.

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By: Paul Andreson