GA Law Means Possible Change in Brewery Abilities

Visitors at Terrapin usually get to take home a cup after their visits, but House Bill 314 is hoping to make it so visitors can also take home what goes inside the cup. 

The date on when the vote will be held to decide if Georgia breweries will be allowed to sell directly from the brewery is currently unknown, but will be within the next year. Surrounding states like Florida and the Carolinas already have bills that allow these sales. The law will allow visitors to buy a 24-pack at most.

5-Points Bottle Shop owner Charlie Meers sees one negative about this. “The only con I see with this is that it’s not unlimited. I’m a big proponent of letting breweries sell whatever they want out of the brewery,” he says.

Terrapin owner John Cochran thinks the law is a great tool for economic development. “Because we get a ton of people who come here from other states, other regions of the country and would love to sample same special beers that we have on the pour pump to take them back and share with their friends and family.”

UGA Student and Terrapin visitor Karl Schaffer thinks it’s a good idea. “When people go to a brewery and they’re sampling off beers and they find one they like they’re able to buy it. And I feel like that’s really good for the consumer,” he said.

Nancy Palmer from the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild said the bill won’t address liquor stores but the side effects will be a stronger brewing industry and stronger brands will mean more business for the brewery, retail stores, and distributors.

 John said if the bill passes, Terrapin will sell probably utilize it to sell limited release items or smaller batches. John and Charlie both hope that Georgia will becomes more like Napa and Asheville when it comes to the number of brewerys and the allowance for direct sales.


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