Gaming Center Coming to Tate

Students will soon be able to relax and play video games at the Tate Student Center.

A planned video arcade may open as early as this fall, according to Stan Jackson, director of student affairs communications and marketing initiatives at UGA.  Jackson told Grady Newsource the arcade might be located  across from Tate Theater in the space that used to house Dawg Snacks.

Jackson said they are still finalizing details on the types of games that will be installed in the center, but expect a blast from the past with some older video games.

Jackson confirmed the project is expected to cost $45,000, money generated by student activity fees. That means students who have paid up won’t have to pay to enjoy the games.  The Division of Student Affairs questioned several student organizations to determine if the gaming center was a good idea.

Jacob Sumpter, vice president of Esports at UGA, said his organization was not officially polled, but they have known about the project for over a month. He told Grady Newsource he hopes to use the center for certain types of events like “1v1” nights, where players compete one-on-one.

“If we ever do a 1v1 in something as silly as Galaga or Pac-Man or something like that, that would be a great space for it,” Sumpter said.  But beyond hosting events, he said they also hope to leave a more permanent mark on the facility.

“Our number one goal is to try and get our trophies into that room if that’s possible, because we have a bunch of trophies that we would love to show off from national tournaments, but we have nowhere to put them on campus.”


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