Georgia Woman Arrested for Running Into Chicken Truck

A Georgia woman appears to have decided to recognize National Poultry Day in an unusual way.

Police say Judith Armstrong was recently arrested after intentionally running into a chicken truck and fleeing the scene.

After the unknown truck driver was hit, he called the police. The police report says once arriving on the scene, police noticed there was debris from the red car on the shoulder and part of a rear bumper in addition to the license plate. Police traced it to Armstrong and then tracked her down at her house.

They say Armstrong refused to come out of her house without a warrant from police and talked to them through the windows. According to the police report, she said she was involved in an accident, but drove off because she was worried about what would happen to her license.

Grady Newsource did reach out Armstrong. She refused to explain or comment on what happened after hitting the truck driver. She did say she wished we would report the truth rather than the lies that other outlets have been saying.

Armstrong is facing charges of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and obstruction.

The police did obtain a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest. At the time of her arrest, she was tested for alcohol consumption, and was shown to have an alcohol rating of 0.089, which is well over the legal limit to drive on highways.

By Anna Kate Newall and Maddie Ray


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