flood warning
Flooding at Broad River in Madison County, Ga.

By Adriana Vicuna

Showers will continue the rest of the week for Northeast Georgia, and that could lead to more flood warnings.

Early Tuesday morning, the U.S. National Weather Service issued a flood warning  for The Broad River near Carlton in madison County Georgia. By 5:00 a.m. on November 3, the river had already reached 18 feet, according to Michael Moody, board member for the Broad River Watershed Association. The National Weather Service explains that minor flooding on the Broad River occurs at 15 feet. As of now, the flooding has not affected any businesses or residential areas.

The Broad River reached a record high of 39 feet in 1908 and a record low of .55 feet in 2008.

The North Oconee River in Athens, Georgia is under a “near flooding stage.”

Here is a link to track the flooding of the Broad River or any river around your area. floods

People should be aware of the difference between different types of flooding. Flooding is when the water sits on the bank and takes longer to go down the river or creek as it has a slower pace than flash floods, which are a rush of water down a
river or creek.



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