Jackson County Commissioner Chas Hardy is a man who loves to serve in his community. He teaches special education at Commerce Elementary School, coaches Commerce Middle School’s football team and has served as a commissioner for eight years. This life-long resident of Jackson County is passionate about his job in teaching and loves working with his students. Learn more about Hardy in this Grady Newsource profile by reporter Jordynn Abernathy.

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Jackson County Commissioner Chas Hardy

What brought you to the school system? “My mother was a teacher, my grandmother was a teacher and that’s always been i in our family’s blood … and I just kinda felt like it was a natural calling for me …. I felt like getting into teaching would allow me to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Why did you choose to teach special education? “It was a need here that needed to be filled and I just felt like that would be a good fit for me… be a male authority figure for some of these kids in the school system, it would be beneficial to them. I just felt like it would be a way to reach most of those kids instead of just being really contained in a classroom.”

If you could pick one thing, of all that you do.. what would you choose? “Well my current career (laughs), teaching and coaching is what I’m going to die doing.”


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