Athens, GA- Have you heard? The College of Education is spreading the word about International Noise Awareness Day and how you can hear loud and clear for longer by turning the volume down and protecting your ears. With the growth of technology, our hearing is in more danger than ever. Clinical Coordinator in Audiology Alice Sanderson agrees.

Sanderson says, “I think particularly with all the ear buds and ear phones and all the personal listening devices that people use, hearing loss is occurring earlier. Noise exposure hearing loss is occurring earlier, so when I’m at Ramsey and someone on the elliptical next to me is wearing their ear buds and I can hear their music– that’s too loud.”

The UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic teaches that noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Even the UGA marching band wears protective gear like Ety Plugs. Ety Plugs lower the frequency of sound evenly so that sound quality is preserved, but your hearing is protected.

NBC News announced Tuesday that Audiologist ranks 4th as the best job of 2013.

Associate Clinical Professor Holly Kaplan says, “Audiology is one of those careers that’s really blossomed. We started right after World War II. The Veteran’s Administration at that time realized that there were a lot of veterans coming back from service with hearing loss, and they didn’t know what to do with them.”

Kaplan says with the change in population demographic when it comes to the older community and the simple solution of better products- audiology is worthy all of the attention. If you’re looking for a job, we suggest you get in line.

The UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic is open to the public. This will be the clinic’s 60th year running.

By: Mary Grace Fisher


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  • Marshall Walters

    I wish there would be more advocate like that here in our place to combat the impact of noise on hearing and health. We should raise awareness and educate more people of this kind of pollution in our society and how noise as of today is currently causing our health and the environment. We live in an increasingly noisy world, from the gadgets, cars, plane and so much more, and these are all becoming a significant threat to our health.

    Still no one can beat the gentle hiss of the wind, now that’s a peaceful fulfillment, so we must act now to stop the noise.

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