It’s Gonna Be a Long Night

Athens, GA – “See ya Friday” – something Kevin Gentry heard this morning from his wife before he left for work. Gentry is the Superintendent of the ACC Streets and Drainage Department, and he has a lot of work ahead of him today and tomorrow…so much, that he might not get to leave.

Superintendent Gentry Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.13.00 PM

He says he packed his bags and is prepared to stay through the night, along with many other workers at his office. The same goes for an engineer at the local Athens GDOT office. Gentry is trying to make arrangements at a fire station near by if workers decide it’s too dangerous to drive. Gentry had another weather briefing at eleven today, and crews will have to work all day and night to keep people safe. One thing we can do to help: stay OFF the roads.

He says that it was as bad as he expected: “I’ve never seen sleet fall like it was this morning.” Gentry came to work around six this morning and will be here until seven, weather permitting. Right now, he has fourteen workers at the office, with two or three of them already asking to stay the night. He knows it is going to get a lot worse,  but, he says, the staff is here and ready for it. Maybe they’ll get some team bonding done during the sleepover.

Alexa Knowles, reporting.


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