Kirby Smart Discusses Stopping Missouri Quarterback Drew Lock

Georgia’s defensive backs better make sure Missouri’s wide receivers don’t get past them.

That’s because Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said Missouri quarterback Drew Lock “throws one of the prettiest deep balls [he] has seen in a long time.”

In two games thus far, Georgia has proven woeful in trying to prevent teams from trying deep passes, however it lucked out with North Carolina and Nicholls State’s inability to connect on such passes.

Georgia’s first two opponents were 0-6 when attempting to complete passes of 25 yards or more. Five of those passes were overthrown to intended receivers, who had all run past a Georgia defensive back.

This has prompted Smart to pay closer attention to his cornerbacks and safeties in practice. Their drills yesterday included practicing staying hip-to-hip with receivers.

“Our defensive backs better be ready to win their one-on-one match-ups,” Smart said.

A resurgence in Missouri’s quarterback Drew Lock has also added another layer of worry for Smart heading into Saturday’s game.

After a sub-par 2015 season, the sophomore quarterback will present a challenge for the Georgia defense. In two games this year, Lock has already passed for 730 yards and 6 touchdowns. During his 12 games last year, he only threw for 1,332 yards and four touchdowns.

“He is a great athlete,” Smart said. “He will present a big challenge for our secondary.”

The most alarming part of Lock’s improvement to Smart though has to do with preventing those deep passes.  Last year, Lock only averaged 5.1 yards per completion. This season, he is all the way up to 8.3 yards per completion.

Georgia’s defensive backs will be back out at practice today working on covering down-field passes.

Check out all of what Smart said about Lock and the rest of Georgia’s game against Missouri below:




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