Lake Herrick Set to Reopen After 16 Years

Lake Herrick at the University of Georgia is set to reopen after being closed to the public for 16 years.

Lake Herrick originally opened in 1992, and was used for experiential learning and outdoor recreation. But with urbanization and development in the watershed, storm water runoff, including oils metals and pesticides, polluted the lake. Toxic algae blooms that were dangerous to human health emerged, and the lake was closed in 2002.

Kevin Kirsche, the Director of Sustainability at UGA, wants to make Lake Herrick what it once was.
“My secret hope and goal is to get more people engaged with the lake, out on the water, on paddle boards or on kayaks,” Kirsche said. “I want people to fall in love with that place.”

The first phase, restoring water quality, has been completed. The second phase, updating the pavilion and areas surrounding the lake, is underway.

The opening ceremony will be held October 17th. UGA President Jere Morehead will be present at Lake Herrick to speak and reopen the campus amenity.


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