Local Immigrant Rights Group Awarded $20,000 Grant

U-Lead Athens, a local organization that helps Clarke County students with varying immigration statuses, was awarded $20,000 matching grant from Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC). The grant will help U-Lead students attend college.

Betina Kaplan, an associate professor at UGA and co-founder of U-Lead Athens, along with Matt Hicks, Cedar Shoals teacher, and JoBeth Allen, retired UGA professor, applied for the grant.

They said U-Lead Athens is “extremely excited to be one of the 10 national recipients of the E4FC matching funds grant. U-Lead Athens is barely one year old and thanks to our amazing students, mentors, and donors we were able to provide tuition support for 15 of our students this fall.”

This $20,000 grant was awarded to match the $20,000 donated by various local supporters. This money will be used to help U-Lead Athens provide U-Lead students with scholarships to attend colleges and universities.




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