Most Staying Home and Off Roads

Frozen carDriving on Icedriving on ice

ATHENS, GA — Not much excitement is happening, but this is good news. Icemageddon has people using caution and staying home.

Chalk it up to a lesson learned from the 2014 Snowpocalypse. Either way things are staying pretty quiet across Athens-Clarke County (ACC) and neighboring counties Barrow and Jackson. Officials say most people are receiving the message to stay off the roads.

With no power outages and only a small handful of minor accidents across the counties, officials say everything is going pretty well.

ACC Assistant Police Chief Carter Greene says only one minor accident and a fallen tree off of the Outer Loop have been reported since last night and both have already been cleared.

According to a Barrow County 911 dispatcher everything throughout the county is okay. There was one accident earlier on 316 where a vehicle left the road, but with assistance the driver was able to get back on the road.

And in Jackson county Public Safety Officer Steve Nichols says there have been minimal accidents and no injuries reported.

Officials are asking motorists to stay off the roads, have flashlights and extra batteries readily available. Greene also says with the ice and potential for power outages people should take advantage of charging any important electronics they think they should need while they still have the opportunity.

Clarke Central High School’s gymnasium off of South Milledge Avenue in Athens is open for those seeking emergency shelter. Jackson County High School and Commerce Civic Center is on standby if emergency shelter is needed according to Nichols.


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