‘Never-Before Seen’ Storm Coming our Way

Isolated tornadoes are possible from 4:00 am to 11:00 am. On top of the damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, the National Weather Service says there’s a heightened threat due to possible power lines and trees falling. There is currently a flash flood warning for Clarke, Greene, and Oconee counties. It will be in effect until Friday, February 26th.

University of Georgia meteorologist Professor Dr. John Knox says, “I’ve never seen a storm like this in the south.” Dr. Knox has been studying meteorology for over 30 years, published over 40 peer-reviewed articles, and earned a Ph.D. He also says there will be a few hours of winds tomorrow morning and a chance of non-convective winds in eastern Georgia.

The National Weather Service advises everyone to invest in a weather radio to wake up if there’s a tornado tonight. They also suggest if a tornado occurs, to find a place with as many walls between you and the outside.

Dr. Knox added that people driving should slow down on the roads and be aware of the increased water levels.

By: Danielle Lewan



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