New Meal Plan Option Could Save Commuters Thousands

Let the Big Dawg Eat!

ATHENS– A new survey about meal plan options was just released by University of Georgia Food Services. The survey lists five new options for meal plans and introduces a new “meal points” system to students at UGA.

Currently, UGA students have two options for a year long meal plan. The five and seven day meal plans are both around $4000. The food services survey includes options that are around $1500 less than the current plans as well as plans that allow students to buy meals per semester.

Some of the options are broken down by days someone may want to eat at a dining hall. For instance, a student could purchase a five or seven day unlimited meal plan. This would include unlimited access to any dining hall on campus during the hours they are open.

Another option allows for 80 meals per semester. These options cater to students who live off campus or commute to and from campus and want meals while they are at school.

One of the brand new options in the survey is the introduction of a “points” system. With the points system in place, students can swipe their student ID’s at on campus restaurants like the Chick-fil-a and Barberitos on campus. The points system would let students have more freedom with their choices.

For students, the new options are allowing them more choices. Moyosore Akintunde lives off campus and currently brings her own food to campus. But she says if she doesn’t bring food or can’t find a refrigerator or microwave, she is sometimes left on campus without food.

If you want to add your input to the survey, you can find it here.


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