Organizations Push Pedal for Street Safety

Multiple organizations are working to improve safety on the streets for cars, bikers, walkers, and more.

Complete Streets Athens and Bike Athens spoke to the public about the future of transportation safety in Athens Clarke County. While more bike lanes are preferable to the groups, they believe that getting people to talk about the topic will make a difference.640x360_51229C00-SZIOD

“What I think we can do right now is change the conversation, and make sure complete streets is a part of the conversation,” says a committee member of Complete Streets Athens.

Tyler Dewey. executive director of Bike Athens, says connecting bike accessible roads is a big part in making Athens streets safer.

“Making sure that it’s not just a bike lane, but it’s a bike lane that everyone can be comfortable in, that your child can be comfortable in, and that your parents can be comfortable in.”

UGA student Austin Suhr currently doesn’t feel comfortable with his ride to school.

Austin Suhr rides his bike to classes every week.

“It’s pretty safe when I get to campus, but I have to go all the way down [Martin Luther King Ave.] to get  there and there’s no bike lane on that road so I’m right next to cars the whole way.”


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