Athens Regional Hosts Pink Glove Dance


By: Ashley ShahAhmadi

Pink gloves…pink headbands…and pink wigs…
These employees at Athens Regional are suiting up in pink for a good cause.

“Someone came up with this great idea to ask people to wear a bunch of pink gloves and dance around and have fun and then they would reward them with a donation to a local charity of their choice from their community,” says Mike Pilcher, director of system relations at Athens Regional.

Athens regional is new to the game–this being their second year competing–but none-the-less they got their dancing shoes on with excitement.

“YES, we must win,” says America Delgado, an Athens Regional employee and dancer.

“The money, if we win, and I’d rather say when we win, the money will go directly to the cancer auxiliary which we will donate to the Loran Smith Center.”

And I even got a few employees to show me a little bit of what they were made of.


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