Republicans Persist Despite Georgia Religious Freedom Bill Failing to Pass

Atlanta, GA — The 2015 legislative session has drawn to a close but that doesn’t mean that Georgia politics are slowing down.

One of the most controversial bills this legislative session was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bill came in the wake of several other similar laws proposed in states such as Arkansas and Indiana.

The bill was proposed by Republican Josh McKoon in an effort to protect Georgia individuals’ and business’s right to religious expression.

Timothy Head is the Executive Director for Faith and Freedom Coalition who says that this bill is something that Georgia desperately needs.

“All of us have some sort of personal, deeply-held convictions and if we are not allowed to believe those ourselves, to speak about them publicly, and eventually to act on them then do any of us actually have freedom of religion and freedom of expression?” Head asked.

Those in opposition to the bill are worried that such legislation would allow businesses to openly discriminate against the LGBT community.

Though the bill did not pass this legislative session, some GOP activists say they will not relent until this legislation is passed.

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