GDOT Warns Drivers

ATHENS, GA – The snow might be melting now, but Rick Parham from the Georgia Department of Transportation says there are still dangers for drivers.

“Folks should think twice before driving,” he cautions. “There’s still a risk if you go out.”

The risks are “difficult or impassible” side roads in some areas. The sun and rising temperatures will melt a lot of the snow, but shady areas may not have that luck. And then tonight black ice poses a threat.

“It doesn’t have to be much, but just enough for vehicles to skid out of control.”

He also notes, “You can negotiate snow in a vehicle but ice is different. You can go slipping and sliding, and go helpless.”

If you have to drive today, Parham has a few tips:

  • Don’t drive too fast for conditions
  • Allow plenty of room between your vehicle and other cars or trucks
  • Don’t follow too closely around the GDOT trucks
  • Use headlights, especially in the evening and during snow and sleet

The challenge two weeks ago, he says, was the traffic in Metro Atlanta. In Northeast Georgia traffic was not much of a problem, but the challenge now is the weather.

“The department is pleased people have listened to the warnings,” says Parham. “It’s a factor in getting roadways back in good condition.”

GDOT and the ACC Streets and Drainage Department have been working around the clock, with two 12-hour shifts to get the streets back to driving condition.

Kevin Gentry, the Superintendent from Streets and Drainage says main arterial roads like Baxter Street and College Station Road are the main concern. He hopes the temperatures will aid the crews in clearing roads.

“We’re still telling people to stay home,” says Gentry.


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