ATHENS, Ga. – Solarize Athens officially welcomed its first home with solar panels installed by its program on Monday, February 1, 2016.  The Solarize campaign works hand in hand with a federal solar tax credit that can give Athens residents, businesses, government entities, and non-profits the opportunity to use solar panels as an energy source with up to a 30 percent price discount.

“Our goal is to triple the amount of solar energy in Clarke County, Oconee County, and Madison County,” says Colleen McLoughlin, Solar Campaign Organizer for Environment Georgia.

Alternative Energy Southeast (AES) is the official installer for the campaign, which McLoughlin states was a choice made with the consumer in mind.

“We selected the installer with the best customer service, the best prices, the best warranties, and the best equipment,” she claims.

As a result, the customer only has to worry about his or her role in going through the registration steps and financing the solar panels.  McLoughlin asserts that Solarize Athens takes care of the three biggest challenges in committing to solar energy, streamlining the process.



According to McLoughlin, Solarize Athens currently has 184 sign-ups for its campaign, with nearly half of those participants having moved into the second phase of the initiative, which involves submitting 12 months of utility bills.  The deadline to sign-up for the campaign in order to receive the maximum incentivized discount is March 31.

For more information on the Solarize Athens campaign or to register your residence or business, visit the Solarize Athens website.

By Corey Knapp


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