Story Updates – Oct. 5th

  • Anti-Bullying Day – Today is Anti-Bullying Day and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office is supporting the cause. Sheriff Magnum explains how the office shows their support.
  • Littervention – Keep Athens Beautiful started a campaign called ‘Littervention’ with the goal of decreasing litter in Athens. Stacy Smith, the Keep Athens Beautiful Program Assistant, gave us a rundown of how the program works and tips to avoid littering.
  • Credit Cards – Businesses are now updating their credit card readers. In a press release, Visa announced, “counterfeit fraud on Visa chip card accounts will shift from the chip card issuer to business owners who have not upgraded to chip-activated terminals.” This change was implemented on October 1. Reporter Katya Riedlinger talked to University Spirit owner Laura Beaghan about her experience with the new reader.


  • runoffBarrow County runoff – Early voting has started for the District 3 runoff in Barrow County. The runoff is between Scott Vickery and Roger Wehunt. Voting is taking place at the Barrow County Elections Office today. Reporter Sam Lack talked with Barrow County Elections Supervisor Monica Franklin about the significance of the runoff.


Stay tuned to for updates on all of these stories.


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