Strange Athens’ Apartment Complex Burglary

Reported by Tiffany Buck

It happened at Georgia Green Townhomes. The property located off fourth street near downtown has been under renovation. The police report shows the total cost of stolen property and damages – over twenty thousand dollars. Pete Carson at Carson Plumbing says the most likely reason for stolen water heaters is to sell them for scrap metal, b ut it’s not very profitable. Each water heater could be sold for up to $15 in scrap metal.

Water heaters are about the size of a person, weighing close to 130 pounds. So this was most likely a 2 person job. And these water heaters wouldn’t be easy to transport.

Carson said that about four would fit in the back of a pickup truck and that it would take several pick up truck loads to move 24 of them.

As for the stolen toilets? Carson says they aren’t worth anything as scrap metal and he can’t think of how anyone would sell them.

We reached out to the property manager and she refused to talk about the incident. The property owner didn’t answer the phone, and the police didn’t return any of our calls.


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