False Advertisement Alert: Think Before You Buy “Pink”

Consumers who buy pink or pink ribboned products think their money is going to breast cancer research or awareness. Reporter Meagan Priselac tells us why this is not always the case.


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  • Saeed

    Thanks, guys. I don’t know how I found the time naptime and nitigthme I guess. It was a pretty easy quilt to put together and I didn’t quilt it myself, so that helped too. This is the first one I have made without the help of my mom. She will either help me sew sometimes (like, when I am 8 months pregnant and can’t bend over the machine anymore) or hand me the pieces to sew to get it done since we are often short on time. I end up doing most of the quilts, but her hand is often in them a little bit. This one was all mine. I am proud:)

  • David

    Very nice.. thanks for sharing. A good cause indeed.

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