UGA Student Briefly Hospitalized After Bird Scooter Accident

A University of Georgia student was sent to Athens Regional Medical Center after a bird scooter accident last week. Christina Conner was riding down Sanford Drive when she says she lost her balance and hit her head on the concrete.

“Apparently I fell twice, and I don’t remember falling two times,” Conner said. “Some people came running over to me, one of the bus drivers who had seen what happened called the police.”

She was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center where she received staples in her head. Conner admits she wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

UGA Police shared some bus footage that suggests she isn’t the only one riding without a helmet.

University officials have protested bird scooters since their arrival on campus this summer.

“Bird did not consult with UGA prior to placing scooters across campus,” Director of Media Communications Greg Trevor said. “For the university, the primary concern is safety — safety for those riding the scooters and for bystanders who might be hit by them or whose path might be impeded by an abandoned scooter.”


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