UGA Student Creates New Social Network

Athens, GA–There is a new and innovative app and social network on the Apple store created by one of UGA’s own.

Senior Andrew Harrah created My Crowd in order to allow people to find their friends downtown without even having to ask them. In order for the app to work, you only have to do a few things. “Set your tracking time, say you’re going out or staying in,” developer Andrew Harrah says. “Once your tracking time starts, itll start tracking you, and if you come within a certain active location, it’ll say that you’re there.”

The app had its difficulties before the official launch. They got rejected a couple times, but that didn’t deter them. Harrah commented on the launch date by saying this, “We launched it over spring break in Key West because I knew that a lot of people from different schools would be there.”

The app has had just over 1,000 downloads and it continues to grow. Harrah says he will seek more investments in order to expand the reach of the app. He is hoping to go viral soon.

“I studied Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, GroupMe, and all the other popular apps to see how they did it, and they all went viral pretty quickly,” he says. Adding that if they “don’t go viral within two years, then it probably won’t happen.”

The full interview with Harrah can be seen below.


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  • Alec Stolz

    Back when the app was being tested by only a handful of friends I was a little skeptical. But now that a large variety of my social network uses the application I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how useful MyCrowd can be.

    Andrew proved me wrong and turned me into a believer. I love the app now.

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