Update: Witness Who Tried to Save Cyclist Speaks

Athens, GA–Two cyclists were injured and one left dead on Athena Drive September 12, while a motorist faces charges for homicide by vehicle first degree. According to the police report, Whitney Baker Howard was driving west on Athena Drive when her car crossed the center line and struck three cyclists.

The two surviving cyclists were transported to Athens Regional Medical Center. One remains in critical condition and the other has been released.

Certified Nurse Assistant Misty Jones passed the scene of the accident and stopped to perform CPR. However, for one victim, it was too late. Jones recalled speaking with one of the victims as she performed CPR:

“And then I told the lady, I’m going to do the compressions and breathing in her mouth. So, I started the compressions and when I got to thirty, I was like OK, breathe in her mouth and her chest went up. But it looked like she was already gone.”

Howard has a bond hearing set for September 14 at 1 p.m.

By: Daniel Bignault, Nathaniel McDaniel


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