Watkinsville Revoting on Liquor License Laws


Oconee- Early voting for the Watkinsville City Election on liquor by the drink began Monday at the Elections Office and will continue through March 13. The official election day will be held on March 17.

Voters in Oconee County approved a measure last fall to sell liquor by the drink in Oconee County. The ordinance originally passed by a nearly 2 to 1 ratio.

Local restaurant owner Andrew Wallace is not supportive of the re-vote.  He thinks not being able to serve liquor by the drink in his restaurant is hurting his business. “I think it’s a pretty clear disadvantage,” Wallace said.

Watkinsville Mayor Charles Ivie said they had no choice but to hold a separate election because the city results could not be separated from the countywide vote.

“You have to be able to demonstrate which we could not that the vote was positive in the city,” he said.

Oconee political activist Dan Matthews thinks the separate vote is a waste of time and money. “I do think you can’t have two exactly worded referendums in a row but I don’t think anyone is going to stop it,” Matthews said.

Turnout for the second vote has been low. Only 14 people have showed up to vote early so far, according to poll workers.



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