21-Year-Old Jumped By Six Men Facing Police Charges

​A 21-year-old was jumped by six guys in downtown Athens and is now getting charges pressed against him by the police.

Jonathan Chong is a bus driver for UGA and was there the night it happened. He describes what he saw to Reporter Kevni Woodside.

Jody Thompson, Senior Police Officer for Athens Clarke County, says he is seeing violence against cops more and more in downtown Athens. Just this month alone, at least students have been charged with the felony of assaulting a cop.

Javae Chapman currently is being prosecuted with felony obstruction because after being attacked by 6 men inside Whiskey Bent, he punched a cop in the face. Chapman’s girlfriend, Raina Zafar insists that Chapman confused the cop for one of his attackers.

UPDATE: The student is not from UGA. He was visiting here to celebrate his 21st birthday. The girlfriend says she was being harassed by a few guys in the club. They began calling her a “bitch” when her boyfriend came over. According to her, a member from the opposing group threw the first punch and his friends followed behind.

The incident report says the cops walked in on Chapman being beat up. As the officer pulled the attacker off him, Chapman attacked the officer. The person she took off Chapman escaped at the time.


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