Open Dialogue on Sexual Consent tonight at 6:30 at UGA’s MLC

The UGA Equal Opportunity Office is hosting a talk called “Open Dialogue on Sexual Consent” tonight at 6:30 in room of 102 of UGA’s Miller Learning Center. At this event, students can learn how consent can be given and received and when consent is given.

The first 100 people at the event get a free “Consent is Sexy” t-shirt. The Equal Opportunity Office says these shirts are part of an effort to encourage open dialogue about consent, provide empowerment, and teach the community about healthy relationships, sexual assault, and healthy communication.

The Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) says consent is a spoken mutual agreement between people before engaging in any sexual activity. The EOO adds that you must be sober for consent to be legitimately recognized by the law.

“Open Dialogue on Sexual Consent” will answer any other questions you may have about consent. Representatives from the EOO, UGA Health Center, UGA Police Department, Office of the Dean of Students, University Housing and other organizations will all be there, too. UGA officials hope this event will better raise awareness about what sexual consent really means.

Equal Opportunity Office Director Janyce Dawkins explains what consent means.

Assistant Professor Welch Suggs talked to Reporter Aaron Jones about the media’s tendency to focus more on sexual assault cases involving athletes, as opposed to those that don’t.


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