UGA SGA Ticket Receives Mayor’s Endorsement

Mayor Nancy Denson and student Houston Gaines

ATHENS– The University of Georgia Student Government Association officially began campaigning last night. Houston Gaines is the current SGA Vice President. Now he is running run next year’s President position on the Commit UGA  ticket. He is the first UGA student to serve as Vice President before making the decision to campaign for President.

“It’s pretty atypical for a Vice President to run for President. I wasn’t planning on it. Some people say you need fresh leadership, but I think carry over is just as good. I don’t want to focus on internal SGA and who is on what committee and that kind of junk. I want to focus on the campus,” said Gaines.

Gaines was Mayor Nancy Denson’s campaign manager, and the mayor has recently endorsed him.This is the first time the mayor has endorsed a student campaign or election.


The other tickets include:

All In UGA



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