2016 SEC Swab-Off

Forget facing off against each other in sports.  The SEC is competing in a life-saving competion called the Swab-Off for Bone Marrow Registration. “Be the Match“, an organization that connects people who need bone marrow with potential donors, set up at UGA today. They’re here for year two of the three-day SEC Swab-Off.

It may seem like your typical school competition, but the SEC Swab-Off is more than that, especially for some like Usha Kaila whose little sister had cancer.


Usda Kaila said, “What she needed was a bone marrow transplant to essentially save her life and we went through the “Be the Match” registry, and we were able to find a perfect match.”

That’s why Kaila is the Vice President of “Be the Match” at UGA. She and others volunteer to help those who could die without a bone marrow transplant.

Briana Gillman said, “I think there’s no better service that can be done to people than to help them find a cure.”

Be the Match UGA would ultimately like to get more than two-hundred new donors registered. Because the competition is with all other SEC colleges, and the Dawgs here want to beat the Gators just as badly in this battle as the one coming up this weekend in Jacksonville.

The Swab-Off will continue tomorrow and Wednesday from nine until three outside of the Tate Student Center.

By:  John Holcomb


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