Prevent a Spring Break Break-In

Spring break is supposed to be rejuvenating. It is supposed to be an opportunity to relax on a sun-soaked beach, not stress over the aftermath of a break-in at your home.

The Athens Clarke County police department wants to make sure people are able to leave their homes for the upcoming break and return to find them in their original state.

In an email to Grady Newsource, the police department offered several tips on how people can leave next week…and not worry about a break-in. Some are fairly routine and often repeated-such as locking all doors and hiding valuable possessions, while others are a little less obvious.

Like recording the serial numbers of any computers, video game systems, televisions, or other electronic devices. The department says that having this information could be pivotal in recovering stolen items.

Other recommendations include setting a timer for your lights so they switch on and off on their own, asking a friend to pick up your mail or move your car every now and then. All of these activities help give the appearance that the home has not been left vacated and could possibly help ward off would-be burglars.


By Matt Mataxas


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